Sam Harrie- 18/10/2014

Day 1

Introduction day with Sam Harrie, who came to give us talks on the basics of film and TV  production- this being her field of expertise.  At first, the group was introduced to the course and we were given a rough overview of what kinds of things we were to expect over the course of the 5 months.

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 11.11.09

We were then shown how to make an in camera edit 6 shot film. The example was shown to us whereby the protagonist picked up a cardboard box and found her own head inside- I took part demonstrating! This helped us understand the different kinds of camera shots; mid-shot, wide shot, close up, over the shoulder as well as understanding the 180 degree rule.

We later had the opportunity to create our own 6 shot film, with the theme of “Escape”. Our team was assigned the space in the attic to create our piece and I volunteered to be Director. We used Holly as the protagonist (a hostage) and Jack and James as the ‘bad guys’. We shot 6 clips and played them back as a short film to the other groups.

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Later on, we practiced how the Director prepares the actors for their roles. Firstly, we did some warm up activities and then we watched the beginning of ‘Juno’. This gave us a brief piece of context to then put into practice with an unseen scene from the same movie. We split into groups where we rehearsed our take on the script and eventually filmed it.

Overall, it was a really fun and interesting day!

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