Agree production requirements within the film production team

In the production meetings we had before the shoot, we discussed several things that needed to be addressed and agreed between everyone: Location, actors, camera shots, roles, costumes.

The location was the one thing that took us a while to decide on because the location needed to help bring our story to life- it is arguably one of the most important factors in the film. We eventually decided on a location in Ulverston at a community garden where we agreed looked like where we would want our film to take place.

Location BFI

In another meeting, we decided on what we wanted in our script.

We also discussed character:  Here, we decided on James (17) and Hobie (70) to be our two characters. After this we spent a lot of time deciding on the specifics on the characters e.g. what they wear, what their personality is like etc.

character development

We also debated on the actual structure of the film- do we work chronologically in a linear narrative or do we do something different e.g. flashbacks. We thought that it would be a good idea to have flashbacks to highlight the confusion of both the characters- James has been drinking and so flashbacks would help create a muddled up story, like James’ memory.


The final thing we needed to discuss was the script and our roles. We Facetimed Matt in one of our sessions to talk about how we felt about the first draft of the script as a group. We had lots of feedback to give e.g. the dialogue at the beginning, which we wanted to change.

We then discussed which roles we wanted to do on set. I wanted to be the director because I wanted to have an input in all of the departments and I wanted to experience having control over the shoot. I am also interested in behind the scenes as I really like doing things independently with a camera, and so I wanted to do some behind the scenes shooting. I also like asking people interview questions, which is something you can do behind the scenes.

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